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Taking a different look at the ordinary and seeing extraordinary possibilities.


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About OrangTiga NV
The company was founded in 1999 with a clear vision: to redefine the global buckle & belts market and to build Branie® as a great brand icon.

OrangTiga's founding principals are Jan De Lancker from Antwerpen, Belgium and Alexander Koene from Amsterdam, the Netherlands (owner of Bogey the Black Labrador).

While walking with his labrador dog Bogey in Jakarta (Indonesia), Alexander got the idea to develop a revolution in belt design and technology. Basically the story was that it did not make sense to him that leashes for dogs had seen more innovation than belts for humans...

Another key person is Myriam Roekens, in charge of Customer Services and first line contact for all Branie® dealers and international distributors.

Others have joined the Branie® team adding specific expertise in finance, marketing and distribution.

About Branie®
Branie® is the brainchild of OrangTiga NV. A radical fresh way of looking at the many possibilities of buckles & belts:



self expression


Progressive | Fearless | Functional

Simply out of boredom with conventional belts, mostly brown or black, leather with a pin & hole closure... time for a Revolution in Belts!
Contact Branie®
It is all about testing the borders of freedom following our imagination. Seeking unconventional solutions, which translate into aspirational Waistware products.

For product information or for more specific details about Branie®, please send a mail to: info@branie.com

The offices are located at:

Offices P/A Bassinstraat 12A
B-2550 Boom
T. +32 3 451 00 61
F. +32 3 451 00 60

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