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Buy an unique designer belt and help Japan

Special Belt helps fundraising for victims of the earthquake and tsunami!

Wear a Branie Belt "Rising Sun" with white body, transparent red button and chromed lever and show you're concerned by what is happening in Japan. For every belt bought (65 euros) 10 euros are donated to a fund selected by our Japanese distributor. When the action is finished, the company will double the total amount.

"We are shocked and deeply moved by the horrific impact of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. We have a special bond with Japan. The country and its citizens quickly adopted our design (we received the Good Design Award), style and innovative material. Today, it is time for us to do something back for the Japanese people since we appreciate for their sincerity, deep cultural values and commitment.

That's why we're bringing out a special edition of the Branie belt in the national colors of Japan. The belt will consist of a white body, chromed buckle and red button, which makes it both an astonishingly beautiful belt and a clear token of respect for Japan. It's an absolutely jaw-dropping designer belt with which you show your support to the Country of the Rising Sun.Of each new belt (called 'Rising Sun' ) sold we will donate 10 to a fund helping the Japanese people. The company will double that amount raised to help Japan a bit more.

This fund will be chosen and selected by our Japanese distributor, Yoko.
So far, we have not been able to reach them. Let's make the Rising Sun a symbol of friendship and great respect for the Japanese people. "

Jan De Lancker, Founder of Branie Belts