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Branie® is developed in strategic partnership with DuPont de Nemours™ and is extensively engineered with their high technology materials.

Belgium Design by Clemtone
Eschewing traditional pin-and-hole belt configurations, this smart accessory, designed by Clemtone Design Studio of Ronse, Belgium, features a sleek, ratcheted closure system (ŕ la ski boots) that's adjustable in micro increments of 2 millimeters. Its tail disappears neatly and discretely behind its head, creating symmetrical closure. And Branie is durable to boot: It sports a thermoplastic-resin handle, a pliable, waterproof body and an optional add-on utility clip.

Clemens van Himbeeck (left) received his license in product development from the Higher Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies (HAIR) in Antwerp, Belgium, and pursued subsequent design training in Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. He authored more than 25 patents for Samsonite Europe NV before founding Clemtone Design Studio in 1994. Geraldien Haelvoet (middle) studied fashion design at the Academy of Antwerp and applied graphics at the St. Lukas Institute of Antwerp and Gent in Belgium. Robin Delaere (right) holds a license in product development from HAIR. Delaere has designed consumer products, furniture and interiors for a wide range of clients.
Branie® Waistware uses high technology elastomers like Hytrel® and Rynite® both from DuPont de Nemours™ - which combine to provide extraordinary strength and remarkable comfort.

What is great about Hytrel® is that it is very supple with a soft touch feel. And while you use it, the wear-n-tear develops a nice patina.

DuPont™ Rynite®
Thermoplastic polyester resin
Rynite® is the primary material in the closing mechanism, including the base plate. It is an extremely stiff, glass-fiber reinforced engineering material.

DuPont™ Hytrel® High performance
Hytrel® is used as the main material of the belt because it is a superior thermoplastic elastomer, thereby providing remarkable suppleness and strength.
Micro-adjustment closure-system
Tighten or release the Branie® closure in increments of just 2mm for optimal comfort. Pull the handle up to tighten the belt. The ratchet action is variable on how far you pull the lever.
Quick-release button
No matter how much you tighten the Branie®, a one finger push of the quick-release button will open it. The entire closure system has been designed to work faultlessly over 10,000 times.
A major benefit over ordinary leather belts is that all materials used are 100% waterproof. This makes Branie® ideal for outdoor sports like sailing, skiing, surfing, golfing.
No tail
A loose tail hanging down will never be an issue as it slides along the inside. It remains comfortable to wear!
Utility clip
The best place to store your gear is around the waist. Branie® Waistware is supplied with an attachable utility clip that is ideal for carrying keys, mobile phones, etc.

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